If you do not know already I absolutely love Forever21! I'm constantly on their site and basically half, maybe even more, of my closet are items from Forever21.
My most recent purchase was a new purse.
I don't like to carry actually book bags to school so every now and then I buy a huge purse from Forever21. 
Recently I've been noticing rips in my purse. And I would hate to be in school and my strap to my bag came off.
So I made it my priority to get a new purse. 

I went through racks and racks to find a purse that was in my budget area.
This bag was $24.80.

 I absolutely love it! Its the perfect size and I love how theres two straps so I have an option to wear the strap long or short... 

It has gold hardware on it...

Even has little tassels on the front...

My other purchase from Forever21 was weeks ago, but I love them.
They were around $20 ...
I had been wanting them for a while prior to getting them and so glad I have these shoes now.

Until next time...


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