A Day in St. Louis

Saturday I had the opportunity to go to St. Louis with my RSO (Registered Student Organization) for FDMA (Fashion Design & Merchandising Association) to visit the Alexander McQueen exhibit, A Queen Within. Everything in the exhibit wasn't Alexander McQueen but most was. Unfortunately, the items in the exhibit were copyrighted so I was not able to take pictures of the garments and displays. But let me tell you guys, it was the greatest thing I have ever seen. Each garment was constructed to beautifully and it was set up so perfectly. I was mesmerized by everything in the exhibit.  
This is the pamphlet they gave out. 

Outside the exhibit was the World's Largest Chess Piece. 

Of course, being the lovely fashion majors that we are, we had to do a little thrift shopping. 

Have a lovely week 

- Arielle Maurissa 


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