It's the Little Things...

Hey all! 

I am back home for the summer and thought I would take a stroll downtown. It was a beautiful day outside (compared to the 40 degree weather we had last week.) I opted to go for something simple but cute. I recently bought this maxi dress for $7.99!! It is so comfortable and for the price, it has good quality. I love to wear black and white but I thought to add a pop of color since the weather is getting warmer. I fell in love with this purse a few days ago and I could not leave the store without it. I never played around with different prints so I thought today would be the day to experiment. I hope you guys enjoy!

Outfit Details
Maxi dress: ROSS
Purse: ROSS
Headband: Forever21
Sandals: Payless

See ya next time!
- ArielleMaurissa 


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