Back To School Items

For me school is around the corner & I begin my Junior year of high school. And like every year I am buying new clothing items for the school year (or this semester). 
Here they are:

(All of the jeans pictured below are from Marshalls)

These jeggings (jean/leggings) were $14.99

These black skinny jeans were also $14.99

This pair of jeans are my favorite. They were $19.99

I am a short person & these jeans were a bit longer so my solution was a cuff. These were also $14.99

These sandals I ordered off Walmart. This is apart of the Miley&Max line for only $9

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I wanted these oxford shoes. I finally found a nice black pair at Target for $16.99

This next piece I got at Forever21 on sale for $2.99. I couldn't find my size so I bought a medium which fits like a dress, which actually isn't bad.

This loose sweater with pockets I got also at Forever21 for only $5! I love that its big & really comfortable. This for sure is an item I'm going to wear a lot.


This last piece is from Marshalls for $9.99. It has nice decorative roses at the bottom. 

So far this is about almost all that I have gotten but I am definitely going to buy lots more.


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