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Hey fashion lovers! 

We are a couple weeks into January which means its pretty cold out there, at least in Illinois. This is usually around the time when we start to put on those sweats and hoodies and stop caring about our appearance. Put down those UGGS and swap them for some fashionable boots. When I took this photo it was about 30 degrees out and I have to say the only part that was cold were my hands. Utilize those thick fabrics in the winter.  

Fashion tip: If you plan on wearing leggings as pants find a shirt that falls past your crotch and backside area. Sometimes those leggings can be a little see through & I don't want to be the one to see your underwear. Use this tip and we can prevent those fashion flops. 

Outfit details:
Chunky knit sweater: ROSS $8.49
Black turtle neck: H&M $7.00
Black leggings
Knee length boots: Marshalls $? (they were a gift)
Red hat: H&M $12.99
Statement necklace: Forever21 $14.99



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