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Today in honor of #nomakeupmonday here is a picture of me with no makeup. I have struggled with acne since I was 12. I still struggle with it but for the most part it is under control. The sad part is after all those years with acne, left annoying scars on my face. 

*If any one has any advice for getting rid of them, please comment below*

I have tried almost every product and pill for acne its crazy. Products that I use on my face now are Biore acne clearing scrub, Biore pore unclogging scrub, and Black and White black soap. I'm in search of a new moisturizer though. 
Products I LOVE

If I have learned anything from having acne is DRINK LOTS OF WATER and make sure to take great care of your skin. Washing it every morning and night is super important. If you wear makeup test different brands. For me BareMinerals and Tarte cosmetics doesn't break me out and gives great coverage. Plus don't forget to clean those makeup brushes! I find myself breaking out if I don't wash my brushes at least once or twice a week. And guys seriously don't forget DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

Happy #NoMakeupMonday! 



  1. Love that you are so real! glad you are back blogging, looking forward to more!


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